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Chemical Process Control Systems

Asset Performance and Regulatory Compliance for the Chemical Industry

Need A More Flexible Chemical Production Solution?

We’ve seen the global demand for chemical products grow, and with that growth comes new business challenges and demands. Most chemical producers are faced with volatility in the cost of feedstock, a complex regulatory environment, and an aging infrastructure. To make things more difficult, the volume of knowledgeable and skilled workers is shrinking. Not easy scenarios to navigate.

We can guide you through these instances. Whether it be reviewing your process control system, upgrading your legacy systems, or getting the most from the data you generate, we can advise you and help keep you competitive in this dynamic industry. Not sure where to start? Then, check out this eBook and video about The Connected Chemical Plant. They may help you prioritize your current needs.

Chemical Process Control Solutions

Chemical Process Control for Improved Operations

Open communication platform. Real-time information. Scalable for small and large plants. Are these your big three? Then, PlantPAx, the modern DCS, may be the system you’re looking for.

Our PlantPAx DCS gives you more information about the equipment and the operator performance. This can help with downtime, throughput, and quality issues. More benefits of this solutions are:

  • Solutions ranging from single unit to enterprise-wide systems
  • Comply with ISA-88 complete with recipe IP protection
  • Automate manual operations to reduce variation
  • Create repeatable and controlled operations that maximize asset utilization
  • Manage recipes and procedures so you can focus on yield, throughput, and quality
  • Procedural models which allow you to improve traceability, reporting, and approval controls

Learn more about PlantPAx Modern DCS

Learn more about Batch Systems Control

Manage Multiple Complex Processes With MPC

We want to help you meet the goals you have for your plant. Meeting new compliance standards, finding production improvements, or improving product consistency can be a challenge. Our Pavilion8 MPC (model predictive control) can be easily tailored to meet your unique business objectives. Plus, we’ve helped many other chemical producers with similar challenges.

How to Plan and Implement a DCS Migration

Minimize Your Downtime and Maximize Your Success

Most chemical producers feel overwhelmed by the thought of a DCS migration. Well, it doesn’t have to be that bad. Of course, we will help you plan, implement, and test your new system. But, you can benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained by helping thousands of other companies do similar projects. We’ve helped our customers migrate from legacy DCS, PLC, and single-loop controller systems.

We can also help with:

  • Installed base assessment
  • Information and reporting needs
  • Networking and cybersecurity reviews
  • BPCS, SIS, and AC&O application audits
  • Electrical, instrumentation, and control assessments
  • Motor control and drive integration review
  • Project justification and cost estimating
  • FEED studies

Chemical Safety: Protect Your People and Processes

Are Your Safety Instrumented Systems up to Current Standards?

It’s the nature of this business. Most chemical processes present potential hazards. Some of these hazards can have an adverse effect on people, assets, the environment, or your market perception. A correctly designed, installed, and maintained safety instrumented system (SIS) can reduce that risk.

Whether you are facing an expansion, a new process, or upgrades to existing SIS, ESD, BMS, or TMC, we can help. Get the facts from an experienced functional safety certified engineer. They witness many different scenarios. So, they’re poised to offer direction on both process and machine applications. The technologies that we deploy are scalable from small to large, simplex to triplicated, and capable of up to SIL 3. We provide full lifecycle services to support you in design, build, operation, and maintenance of your chemical process safety solutions.

What Our Customers are Saying

We are continuing to realise the many benefits that the new automated system is providing. It has met all of our key requirements by allowing us to reduce labour costs, while also improving quality control and safety. In addition, the solution has established a low base cost to run the plant over time which helps to improve our productivity and competitiveness.

Geoff Biscaya, Rigid Containers GM at VIP Packaging

How Chemical Production Solutions Can Help

Across the world and in all types of chemical plants, we help customers reduce costs, minimize downtime, and improve operations. Whether you seek to modernize your operations, optimize your energy consumption, or enhance your chemical process control, we can help.

How May We Help You?

Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional industry knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.

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